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Get Your Drink On! at the Cambria Bars [Listed Here]

Time for Drinks, Food, Music, and Stuff?!

Here are some local bars, wine tasting, and beer spots around Cambria (California).  I always like to explore different places for a drink.  The Central Coast area is kind of a southern anchor for the bay area.  That means I’m always running into awesomely interesting people at the watering holes.

It’s always a really friendly visitor oriented bar scene around Cambria.  There is a great mix of locals, new locals, and travelers across all walks of life.  One of my favorite spots is the 927 Beer Company in west village:

927 Beer Company Bar

I’m always relaxed in 927…

It is a great town to relax and unwind from your lifely struggles.  There are a lot of shops moving around, so I suggest finding them on Yelp or Google and giving them a call for their location!

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