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Grocery Stores in and Around Cambria, CA

Here is the Google Map for grocery stores around Cambria, CA.  The only real “grocery store” grocery store is The Cookie Crock up the hill, between the two Cambria Villages.  The next major ones are 15 minutes south in Morro Bay (Albertsons, a cheap and awesome Spencer’s Market that I used to live close to, and the wonderful Sunshine Health Foods Market).

The Cookie Crock’s latest posted hours for May 2017 are every day 8AM through 9PM.  Everything else is minimart, gas station, or random shop carrying your thing!

I plan on expanding this post to be a listing of groceries and mini marts in the area.  But, around Cambria, The Cookie Crock is the only grocery.  It’s named like a 15 minute section on Home Shopping and is overpriced, but they have a good and healthy selection.

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