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The Cambria Library is Updated and Awesome!

Cambria’s library is right across from the Vets Hall in the West village.  For a fair warning, they are closed Sunday and Monday, but open Saturdays, so that is something to keep in mind.

It’s near the turn off from Highway 1 between the villages. You can call them at: 805-927-4336 and their website is here.

Cambria Library Outside

The new spot was very well done.  There is plenty of light inside, plus an inviting reading corner.  There is a pretty solid used book store there too.  I just so happen to be writing the first draft of this page from there/here.

The atmosphere is almost always quiet and open.  I’ve found it a great environment for study, computer work, or some leisurely reading.  Here’s the map location:


So stop by, browse the titles, read the news, or discover a new magazine!  It’s one of the nicest libraries I have visited in a while.

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