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News reviews, and events around the town of Cambria, California.

Various Cambria, California Maps for Hotels

I thought it would be interesting to post a few maps for hotels in Cambria, California.  Embedding these maps is a new feature with a lot of them.

If you want the official Cambria map from their Chamber of Commerce, follow this link.  You can download it to your computer from there.

This first one is from

 Cambria Hotels on Google Maps

Hopefully you can interact with that map.  Let me know if I screwed something up!  This next map is an embed from a Google Map search for “Cambria, California hotels”.


These maps of Cambria definitely are leaving out quite a few hotels, but it’s still a pretty cool way to group different maps together.  Don’t you agree?

Incomplete searches like this are one of the main reasons why I built this site.  Hopefully, as it grows, it can be a more helpful hub of information for Cambria, CA.

Until then, I hope you find a comfy place to stay!

The Cambria Library is Updated and Awesome!

Cambria’s library is right across from the Vets Hall in the West village.  For a fair warning, they are closed Sunday and Monday, but open Saturdays, so that is something to keep in mind.

It’s near the turn off from Highway 1 between the villages. You can call them at: 805-927-4336 and their website is here.

Cambria Library Outside

The new spot was very well done.  There is plenty of light inside, plus an inviting reading corner.  There is a pretty solid used book store there too.  I just so happen to be writing the first draft of this page from there/here.

The atmosphere is almost always quiet and open.  I’ve found it a great environment for study, computer work, or some leisurely reading.  Here’s the map location:


So stop by, browse the titles, read the news, or discover a new magazine!  It’s one of the nicest libraries I have visited in a while.