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Cambria, CA Real Estate Info

Cambria CA Hill HousesCambria is surrounded by relaxing natural beauty with beaches, rolling hills, creeks, hiking trails, and forests.  Some coastal areas fade into explorable ocean cliffs.  The amazing art, beach, small population, great weather, and friendly locals create an ideal environment for the dream homes spread around the area.

These are some of the reasons people give for moving here.  For me, it is relaxation and seclusion, an escape.  It’s no surprise lots of real estate agents have opened up shop.  Here’s a Google Map that shows realtors and real estate agents around Cambria to give you a place to start.

I have much of their contact info below, too.

Map of Realtors around Town

So, here’s a (hopefully, nearly) complete list of realtors in the town of Cambria itself from the map above.  I’ve added their phone numbers when I find them.  Click on them for their sites:

Cambria Real Estate Contacts

Another option if you are just starting your search are popular real estate and property sites.  They provide a quick place to browse properties and houses.

They are also great sites to scan through different realtors.  These links will take you to Cambria searches at each website.  These sites are also a wealth of information for mortgages, estimating the price of your property, and finding agents.

Start Your Own Search Online:

  • Zillow: Buy, sell, and rental search.
  • Realtor.com: An updated database of listings.
  • Trulia: Great map search features with useful filters to drill down for your dream home.
  • Homes.com: They provide an app for your convenience.
  • Cambria Home Searcher: A site dedicated to real estate in town and the surrounding Central Coast.

I hope these Cambria real estate sites are helpful (or at least point you in the right direction).  Feel free to leave a comment with your favorite sites in this direction Good luck in searching for a new home!

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